Our Mentorship programs are tailored to deliver results based on real-world experience. Our mentors share their knowledge, experience and expertise to guide the entrepreneurs and executives. Our mentors can help whether its strategy, design or growth or execution.

Helping InsureTech companies with needed Insurance knowledge and preparing them to understand the complex Insurance processes. Have advised several startups in getting new customers leading to their successful Business Transformation.


We can advise in critical areas like Marketing, Sales, Fund raising, Technology, and People. Help Insurance companies looking for increased profitability and better customer engagement by positioning for success using the digital revolution. Knowledgeable in critical areas like Marketing, Sales, Underwriting, Claims, Loss control and Technology innovation.

Helping companies to sell more products to existing customers, acquire new customers and introduce new products as well as services leading to market growth and resource optimization. 







The frequency of changes and the speed of change is putting the current business processes into question, making it unpredictable and the Insurance industry is going through disruption.

We can help with Innovation and Digital Transformation to prepare Organizations achieve the competitive edge.

Our consultants are trained in transforming companies and establish roadmap for digital transformation. Experiences in Mobil Technologies, IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to name a few.